Drops Name Placeholder Zone
Deka the Reaper a specter of the Arisen Howling Stones
Embalming Goo Arisen bones Howling Stones
General VDeers the Arisen an Arisen officer Howling Stones
Nureya Arisen a specter of the Arisen Howling Stones
Shandral Arisen an arisen convert Howling Stones
The Arisen Admiral Tylix a specter of the Arisen Howling Stones
The Arisen Dragoon TVem a specter of the Arisen Howling Stones
The Arisen Dragoon TVex Arisen bones Howling Stones
The Great Sentinel a specter of the Arisen Howling Stones
The Underlord a bottomless gnawer Howling Stones
Tormented Adalora a specter of the Arisen Howling Stones
Vermistipus a specter of the Arisen Howling Stones
Arisen Fenistra an Arisen ghost Howling Stones
Arisen Mentor Sishallan an Arisen mentor Howling Stones
Artikla Fereth Despot a Fereth commander Gorowyn
Elkikatar a Kar’Zok scourge Gorowyn
Gnaw a chokidai elder Gorowyn
Head Boiler Akett a soup boiler Gorowyn
High Arcron Zeklor an Arcron burner Gorowyn
Hissilith the Brittlebones an enslaved skeleton Gorowyn
Overlord Klerkon a Krellnakor destroyer Gorowyn
Overlord Teralov a Krellnakor terror Gorowyn
Overlord Tevik a Krellnakor seeker Gorowyn
Rekatok OneEye an aging pit fighter Gorowyn
The Magmalisk a hungry lavalisk Gorowyn
Wulthan High Inquisitor Kraz a Wulthan administrator Gorowyn
Fereth Captain Ordran a fereth captain Gorowyn
Wulthan Elder Priest Ovun a wulthan priest Gorowyn
Banshee a screeching chokidai The Overthere
Bloodstalker a blood-stained stalker The Overthere
a bluff golem a rocky cliff golem The Overthere
Drakis a dreadful scorpikis The Overthere
Fang a stonepeep cockatrice The Overthere
a grotesque succulent a sickly succulent The Overthere
an iron sentinel a rubble golem The Overthere
Janissary Virzak a Wulthan Zealot The Overthere
a Kar’Zok lacerator a Ferreth procurator The Overthere
a majestic cockatrice a stoneglint cockatrice The Overthere
Myrmidon Tundak a Krellnakor officer The Overthere
Needle a needle-covered succulent The Overthere
Observer Eyrzekla a mysterious sarnak The Overthere
Rigelon the Watcher a shifty scorpikis The Overthere
Saber a raging rhino The Overthere
*Arcron Thaumaturge Osellik an arcron thaumaturge The Overthere
*Flamescale Overlord Takarious a Krellnakor overlord The Overthere
Chirurgeon Hemofax an ashen scalpel, an ashen cutter Skyfire Mountains
Dragoflux a raging vortex, a sturdy magmite Skyfire Mountains
a feverish marauder a zealot Skyfire Mountains
Mawmun a gluttonous feaster, a greedy gnawer Skyfire Mountains
Old Raspy an old wurm Skyfire Mountains
a rabid reveler a brazen Chetari, a drunken Chetari Skyfire Mountains
Rirwech the Fink a suspicious Chetari, a furtive Chetari Skyfire Mountains
Ritualist Bomoda a grim cultist, a grim chanter Skyfire Mountains
a scree-borne magmite wrathful rubble, a blackened tyro Skyfire Mountains
Shardstubble a fractured magmite, a fragile tyro Skyfire Mountains
Skrizix an exotic chromedrac Skyfire Mountains
a supercharged tyro a volatile effusion, a stubborn magmite Skyfire Mountains
The Crimson Sentinel an angry Arcron Skyfire Mountains
The Gatekeeper a Krellnakor bodyguard, a Krellnakor doorman Skyfire Mountains
*Ash Guardian Tolemak a guardian wurm Skyfire Mountains
*Radiant Overseer Triluan a radiant drake Skyfire Mountains
BloodThirsty Racnar a frenetic racnar Veeshan’s Peak
Elder Azeron an ancient flame protector Veeshan’s Peak
Elder Ekron ~1 hour respawn (no PH) Veeshan’s Peak
Ellarr Stormcloud ~1 hour respawn (no PH) Veeshan’s Peak
Kluzen the Protector ~1 hour respawn (no PH) Veeshan’s Peak
Magma Basilisk a magma basilisk Veeshan’s Peak
Milyex Vioren ~1 hour respawn (no PH) Veeshan’s Peak
Qunard Ashenclaw a primeval cinder skyclaw Veeshan’s Peak
Travenro the Skygazer ~1 hour respawn (no PH) Veeshan’s Peak
Arisen Gloriant Kradu an Arisen steward, an Elevated skeleton Sathir’s Tomb
a Karzok grave robber a Krellnakor filcher, a Fereth appraiser Sathir’s Tomb
a Karzok infiltrator a Krellnakor enforcer, a Wulthan thief, a Krellnakor scavenger, an Arcron lifter Sathir’s Tomb
Xalgoz the Arisen an Arisen ritualist, an Exalted spirit Sathir’s Tomb
*Ancient Apparition an Arisen apparition Sathir’s Tomb